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Text size bug and character description bug



Only been playing a little bit, but I found these two bugs so far:


#1: In the "character deck creation" screen, the text that lists the current/total of each type (examples are "2/2" weapons, "3/3" spells, etc.) has gotten bugged for me and is incredibly small. I was checking this screen (and the text was normal) and the only two things that I did in between were buying the daily gold from the store, and completing the first scenario of B adventure. I didn't turn the device off or anything else, and when I went back to that screen (was taken there automatically at the end of scenario 1), all of the current/total text was very, very small.


After a while of not playing, I went back to the game, and got a message that "PlayFab connection has been restored", and now all of that current/max text is back to its normal, readable size.


#2: The character descriptions will often not show up. If I am in the store browsing characters to buy, it always shows up. However, when I am trying to form a party, or just looking at my characters' stats/powers, it will randomly appear below their skills (but more often than not it is blank).

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Just as an edit:


I'm playing on an iPad Air 2 at iOS 8.1.2.


The text bug has gone away and reappeared multiple times now.  Killing the app and restarting it always seems to return the text to normal size, but it continues to change sizes at random intervals.

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