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Characters duplicated and unable to start location



Hi. This is a weird bug.


So I finished the first run through Brigadoom and tried starting Poison Pill.


When it came time to assign characters to locations, I had four character icons instead of two. I had two Merisiels and two Kyra's. Two of them would start on the top of the screen, and two would start in the middle of the map.


When you would drag to locations, you would wind up with four icons. And you would be unable to continue / start the adventure.


I backed out and tried a second run of Brigadoon. Same problem. I can't play.


I will say that I completed Brigadoon and the tutorial offline, and tried to adventure now online, so that might have something to do with it.


Oh and the forfeit button is greyed out so I can't even clear everything to restart. Pretty crappy bug. I guess I could try reinstalling the app.

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Im having the same problem, Im on blackfangs dungeon and have been rolling with 4 chars up to this point (Cleric, Monk, Warrior and Rogue). On blackfangs dungeon, it loads up the 6 player variant (i.e 8 locations instead of 6) and duplicates my monk and cleric (i.e when Im assigning chars, i have 2 clerics and monks to assign) .


It has also duplicated all of my characters 4 times, same scenario (16 characters total on the board) but after i restarted the game, we are down to ^^^^. 

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I'm also getting multiple copies of characters when starting the adventures, but so far haven't had duplicates when actually playing. Right now it shows a Kyra, a Kyra 1, and a Kyra 2 being available to select, as well as both a Merisiel and a Merisiel 1. There's also a Sajan 2, but no version with a 1 or without a number.

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