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The reason why badgradr's barricade shield triggerd proc twice

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I think it is because the when its proc spell crits, it also triggered another thrust of tattered veils. I believes that's the reason why it triggered twice, I think if there is a low deflection high hp meat dummy we can test the guess :) And if the enemies's deflection is low enough it will chain the critical attack, which will kill the mob in one shot :)

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Don't think so. It always fires twice. Never once, never thrice.


Nice phrase for a chant by the way. ;)


It used to only fire once. So either this is a bug and related to others of the same kind (Stormcaller's Returning Storm hits enemy and yourself, Redeemer's Spell dito and so on) - or it's intended. Since this is Oopsidian I think it's a bug.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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