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EDIT: Apologies this should have been in tech support, got my tabs confused. Could a mod move it kindly?


From a thread I've got in character builds with a Rogue using mace and Larder Door, referring to using Blinding Strike and it hitting multiple enemies:




Normally my Bash is the first part of my full attack, then my weapon attack is my second part of my full attack. What we see here is before the bash has had chance to land I already have inflicted blind on the skeleton through Retaliate. Then my Bash lands and inflicts the Blinding Strike damage. Then before my mace attack lands Retaliate has inflicted blind on a gul, then finally the damage of Blinding Strike hits via my mace on the skeleton.


I'm guessing the additional debuff effects of your per encounter abilities are somehow not tied to that weapon having landed an attack, they are just applied to the next attack which in this case was Retaliate. The debuff of the second swing is maybe only allowed to be applied after that first swing weapon has made it's attack (hence why the second blinding only comes after the Bash) but after that it's free to be attached either to Retaliate or your weapon attack as before. This is why this is all much more pronounced with dual-wielding/weapon and bash shield.


Is this a feature, bug or something that you're not bothered about patching even if it is a bug? I noticed this before all the recent changes to Retaliate, so it's not a consequence of the latest patch.

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