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The Iron Flail: peaceful solution?

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How can I solve "The Iron flail" quest peacuefully? While talking to Adaryc I chose every [intelligence]- and [Resolve]-option I had, but in the end he still wanted to fight me.

Any particular answers besides the skill based ones I should chose?

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Okay, I just managed to do it, and for those interested in how to achieve that: you have to sneak your way in right from the start.
Go through the West gate (need at least one char with Stealth above 10), and then sneak along the left wall staying as unnoticed as you can. I still needed to kill a few Radcerans, but I kept the numbers low. So now I was able to get a peaceful solution.

PS: Kudos to the RPGCodex, who pointed me towards the right direction again.

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Yes there is a way to end it peacefully dude.. What to do:

First, you need resolve at level 17 and intellect at level 14

Dialog choices that I used (I'll write some of them short, I'm lazy you know):

"I'd preffer to settle this peacefully"
[reach out]

"You're a watcher?"
"Mutual condition"

Perc 11 "Ashamed?"
Int 14 "Reputation in Raedceras"

"I can often read.."

"Watchers mad.."



"enough about that.."

"what did these people do..."

"What do you want.."

"Vision of army"

"I had vision too.."

Int 14 "All that destruction.."

"Both mistaken.."

"What if you're wrong.."

Res 17 "More losses.."
"Give me a chance.."


And that is it, you get that Steadfast weapon and you resolved it peacefully..

After this, I loaded the save, and killed them all, for fun and **** :D









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This is much easier than it seems.

On my first try, without reading this thread, I slaughtered his entire camp and, although I'm playing as a Bleak Walker, I tried to get as much information as possible from the dialogue. I always do this, but usually just kill the npcs in the end (like the Leaden Key assassins in Stormwall Gorge that were about to surrender but then I attacked then lol). Anyway, in the end he refused to work together.

Then I came read this thread and could swear I had reached that last line ("Give me a chance"). I even chose that Resolve 17 line.

So I tried again and was going to choose that option ("Give me a chance") this time. But I must have done something different now, because he accepted peace when I chose the option "Maybe two watchers can figure out..."

The first time I chose one aggressive option ("your men should have kept their distance from me"), so that is probably the reason it didn't work out then. I think you need to avoid angering him, but you certainly don't need to chose any diplomatic lines. I didn't, I'm a Bleak Walker! But I heard he will help me at Yenwood, so I'll spare him.


This way everybody is happy. I keep my reputation as a Bleak Walker, he gets help against the army and everyone in the camp dies. :):yes:

Here is most of the dialogue (I couldn't get the beginning):



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Just played through as a priest of Eothas, and was pleased to see that a peaceful solution was possible through appealing to our common faith. When I met him I tried pretty much all conversation options to get more information, and when that succeeded I tried again to find a shortest conversation path. This is it.



Shortest path:


You must be the Commander (probably anything but attacking him will work here)

Reach out

You're a Watcher?

What did these people do to make you throw them into a pit?

What do you want with Stalwart anyway?

Wait. You had a vision of an army?

I had a vision too. In mine, I saw Defiance Bay and Caed Nua reduced to rubble by an army that shook the earth.

I remember thunder, and a hundred eyes gazing back at me. Any of that sound familiar?

[EOTHAS] Have some faith, Commander. This is not what Eothas wants for us.

If the gods sent us both a warning, it's because they believe we can stop this.



I must say he took my blowing up his front gate with cannons and slaughtering everybody in the fort (and patrols) remarkably graciously under the circumstances.

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When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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