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Walking Toggle please

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Can someone please create a mod to add a walking toggle please. For a lot of people me included it would greatly enhance playing this game.

I dislike being a group of people that has to run everywhere especially since npcs can walk. I know the EI mod that was out had this feature but it also came with a lot of other things that i personally didnt need, Just having a simple mod that adds a walking toggle in would be great. It can be done because it was already done in a previous EI Mod. Which no longer works.

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Hey, to my understanding, the walk toggle is too tightly dependent on the whole IE framework, to be a separate thing. At least, that's what one of the modders once told me. I'll be very happy if that was possible though.


For some brighter news, there is an experimental version of the .dll that works with the launcher for the latest Pillars version by Liere. Linky. Drop it where it belongs in the launcher folder. Still suffers from combat crashes for some people, but others say it's more stable. Had a couple occasional in-combat crashes myself that weren't reproducible after reloads, unfortunately.


P.S. it's IE mod, as in Infinity Engine :)

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