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No jump on kill



Spells that can jump will not do so if they kill a target. Potentially a bug so i'm reporting.


An example with Chain Lightning is in attachment. Aloth kills Skeletal Figher who stands next to my paladin. There are two more undead nearby but Chain Lightning does not strike them.

Also tested with Firebug.



Edit: it's 3.02. I don't think i can change thread title, sorry for that.


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Vancian =/= per rest.

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Heya hilfazer,


Thanks for pointing this out!


Unfortunately this is a limitation that is a result of the way these types of spells are set up from a programming standpoint, and to fix it would require a revamp on how spells work in general. Nevertheless, I've written a report and sent it to the correct department =)


Thanks again, and I hope you're enjoying the game!

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I try my very best.

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