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Was it Nedmar who influenced Raedric to issue another purge?

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I'm on the part where I have to choose between two options (Raedric and Kolsc) and another two options (Osyra and Nedmar). Before I make a decision, I'd like as much information as possible. It seems Nedmar is in collusion with Kolsc to overthrow Raedric. Raedric converted to the worship of Berath, thinking it was all Eothas' fault that the Legacy started. Nedmar had close ties to both Kolsc and Raedric, but I'm not sure how deep. It's most likely Nedmar who persuaded Raedric to convert to "Berathism". But something's bothering me, did Nedmar not only convert Raedric, but did he have something to do with the second purges? Did he influece Raedric to commit the second purges, as a way for Kolsc to gain popularity? But why would he want Kolsc more than Raedric, when Raedric is very patronizing of Berathians? Maybe Kolsc promised Nedmar more than Raedric? Or is Nedmar just against Raedric's killing? Something's just not right, and there are lack of info about whether Nedmar had something to do with mass killings. I'd like to keep one of the two figureheads alive (since a power vacuum seems bad, I'm thinking about the family of the miller in Gilded Vale and also Aufra). Also I'm thinking about the two characters whispering behind Raedric. Osyra seems like she's on the right track with her research, but I've read that the Paladins you met earlier were employed to kidnap people (too bad they met the hero and companions). Should I punish her or not. Should I kill the conniving Nedmar as well? He might have had a part in Raedric's "madness" or misguided beliefs. But am I not just repeating the cycle of murder (and in turn, I might be murdered as well myself)?

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From what i understood from speaking with Nedmar is that he supports Raedric , but will support Kolsc just the same if it comes to that , also he is the one that reveals that Kolsc is driven by his own Ambition to rule meanwhile Raedric believes in favor of Gods and he will do their bidding even if means Killing his own wife .

I solved it as peacefully as it gets - Make deals with all of them : Animancer to kill Priest , Priest to Free Giacco , and then go to Raedric and make another deal to grt rid of Kolsc , this way everyone stays alive for the time being , anyway going back there right now at lvl 9 to charge my scepter :D not gonna make much deals this time .

Every time i complete Raedrics hold more and more i believe that Kolsc should just be killed on sight .

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Yeah, I think I'll do what you have said, I'll give it more time and skip this for a while lol. Usually I play RPGs with the best rewards for a quest in mind, but this time, this game, I'd like to play the game with my choosing (for roleplaying purposes), damn the rewards and if there are consequences, so be it, that's why I'm a bit torned as to what to decide lol. :thumbsup:

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Nedmar thinks Eothas-worship needs to be obliterated and replaced with Berath if the Dyrwood is to overcome the Hollowing.  He puts up with Raedric's brutality against non-Eothasians in order to advance this goal. 


Kolsc is indifferent to the Eothas-Berath issue but combines questionable competence with somewhat greater benevolence, which taken as a whole isn't an improvement over Raedric in Nedmar's eyes.  However, Nedmar is uneasy with Raedric's dark side and is willing to provide a small amount of assistance to you -- without fully switching sides -- if you free one of his former disciples. 


You are absolutely right not to see the choice of Nedmar versus Osyra as a clear-cut issue, especially since Osyra combines despicable methods with a correct diagnosis of what is happening in the Dyrwood.  My solution was to oppose both of them, but YMMV...

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