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[3.02] Top of western tower of Durgans batter and the lift to it covered with purple polygons.



The two locations in subject are the only locations I experience this. They are unplayable as I cant see much of the scenery, it is all covered in moving purple polygons.


The skuldrs at lift where acting weird as well, they had red circles around them marking them as enemies, but they did not attack, just stood there waiting to be killed.


That purple polygon bug blocks me for progressing in the game, since I cant fix the tower cannons.





My setup:

64bit Win10 on i5 1.7 Ghz CPU, RAM 8 Gb, Nvidia Geforce 610M


P.S.: It is different from this bug I submitted.


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Hello adikkt,


It sounds like you are missing some files which is causing this issue. Are you on GOG? I would suggest uninstalling the game and download a fresh 3.02 installer and do that. If you are on Steam, please verify your game cache.


Thanks a bunch!

I verified the game files via GOG Galaxy, it helped. Thank you.

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