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[3.02] Guardian Stance aura only has effect on activation?



Not sure if this is a bug or the way it's meant to work, I think it's a bug as it seems weird and inconsistent with how Paladin auras work.


Guardian Stance only seems to take effect when activated, ie when I activate Guardian Stance, it boosts the deflection of anyone within the aura. However, it remains in effect on a party member even if I move him away from the aura. If I activate it when a character is not within range of the aura, moving the character within range has no effect. 


This doesn't seem right as it means that all I have to do is cluster my party around the Fighter and activate the ability, and then they all have permanent +10 Deflection even if they're far outside the range of the aura. Pretty convenient when using Eder considering that the range is only 2m.

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