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Loot disappearing into the Ether



Close to 100% of the time I try to loot stuff (crates, corpses, ...) and send the items to my stash, they never make it there. When looting and sending to a character, it's about 50%. I realize that people have complained about this before, but since most of the threads are old by now I thought that perhaps it was fixed and then regressed.


The only steps needed to reproduce this is to loot something. For example, to generate the post bug save I loaded up my most recent save and looted the bandit corpses on the ground. The reason this save exists is due to my having found out this bug yesterday, and yesterday after I saved I got hit by the bug for two of the three corpses. I was able to trigger this bug on the first attempt.




OS: Arch Linux 64b

Kernel: 4.4.5-1-ARCH

System Memory: 16GB

CPU: i7-4930K


GFX Drivers: 361.28


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Sorry for the bump, but has this been fixed since I posted this half a year ago? I checked the patch notes but didn't see any mention of this bug being fixed and would really like to repurchase this game so I can play it again (I returned it since the bug made the game the next best thing to unplayable).

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