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old queen / new king quest broken



After entering the maw, when the player get close to the living vine wall, Sul is attacked by some lions and lion clanmen. Sul is not sitting at the back of her lair but in front of the vine wall which is why the combat probably start (lions in this area are hostile by default)

As a result Sul die before the player can do anything

the journal state that the character resolved the stalmate but the quest don't updatewhen talking to desthwn

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I can confirm this that Galawains Maw is broken , Sul was dead after i reached her first time ( i went to shop before doing quest tho and came back only later ) , Lion Clansmen assumed she is still alive , i ended up killing bear too because they thought sul is still alive too , which then shows that Galawain is real deal deity because apparently killing them both pleases him the most .

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