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3.02bug: immortal animal companion



I fought the bounty "Sly Cyrdel" in magrams fork.

I send Itumaak first and let him retreat as battle started.

Enemies caught up with him half way to my group, so I went there to fight them.

I defeated all enemies around me.


There was one animal companion of an enemy, it was a lion.

Every time I killed it, it went down, but it became alive a second later with low endurance.

This repeated several times.

I went to the initial position of the enemy, killing the lion again and again.

There was one hunter left. I killed him and the lion stayed dead too.

It was the only time ever an enemy animal companion was revieved.

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Does this spell have infinite range and infinite uses?


I was fighting the enemies far away from their initial position and the master of this animal companion was the only char of this group who stayed behind at the initial position.

He did not participate in the fight until I have killed all other enemies, then I walked back and attacked him while killing the animal companion again and again.


The problem was that my attempt to pull only parts of this group seperated the companion from its master.

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