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[3.02.1008 PX1 PX2]: In Galawain's Maw, Sul continue to attack.





I'm on 3.02.1008, GoG Galaxy Version, fresh installed/verified.

As i enter in Galawain's Maw, Sul attack the other lions of her pride.

She's got a really bad temper, always eager to start a catfight :getlost:, i start wondering Oernos would have been a better, calmer choice. 



Contrary to the 3.01 bug, other NPC are fine, not entering combat.






HOW TO REPRODUCE: Load the attached savegame and Enter Galawain's Maw.

WORKAROUND: Reloading the autosave seem to fix the problem.

Savegame file, DxDiag.txt and Output_log.txt here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mievnk9p3gzq70g/Sul.zip?dl=0

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I'm a bit uncomfortable in knowing she bear a grudge just against me, despite i'm quite a cat person. Maybe i've just used the wrong words, luckily enough, i can autosave me out of this embarassing situation. 

(Well, i'm stopping this foolinesh right now :) )


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