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My barbarian sometimes drops her weapon



It's very rare, I think it has happened three times so far, and I've been through a lot of fighting (Act 1+2 and WM1 both licked clean). When I say drop I don't mean it becomes loot on the ground, but rather her hands become empty and she won't attack. She still looks to be wielding an invisible pike (Tall Grass) and she stands poised to strike, but she never does. Might be noteworthy that her portrait says she's attacking, not idle. Anyway, I have to switch to her other weapon and back again to fix it. Edit: Probably don't strictly have to switch back again to un-disarm her, but I kind of want her to be using Tall Grass :p


The last time it happened was against Foemyna. I'm 95% sure she wasn't subjected to anything akin to charm or paralysis. I will carefully examine the combat log the next time it happens, but for now I was wondering if anyone already knows something about this. I'd hate for it to ever rob me of victory.

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