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New Stronghold Content (especially hidden stuff)

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What's your favorite piece of new stronghold content?  They added a bunch that makes the stronghold much better.  Several of the adventures have interesting lines.  The loot in Endless Paths seems to have been changed on lower levels or maybe I missed it the first two times, there's a prison break I haven't seen yet.


But my favorite one, by far, is when a slaver comes to visit.  You can order him hung outside your walls, and then when you come back to your stronghold, you actually see a corpse hanging.

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The new item rewards for the stronghold quests are pretty kick ass. Wish they removed the generic adventures entirely, though (they still pop up now and again.)


I also love how visitors have dilemmas you can solve in many ways, depending on who is in your party and what reputations you have gathered with factions and places.

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