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Beta2: monsters with multible checks



It seems to be so that monster with multible checks does not work correctly.

It is said in the rulebook that: "if a card requires Sequential checks, the character who encountered the card must attempt at least one of the checks, but other checks may be each attemped by any one character at the same location."


I encountered the Nuolia with two characters, but the game did not allow be to divide those two combat checks among those two characters. This did happen twice.


a) this is a bug

b) there is not easy to see method to chose the character who attemp the check


This same rule should Also comply to other cards with multible checks including boons. Have not yet met boons with multible checks so I don't if that works right or not, but I supose that the game is consistant in that matter.


Is pass & play on? No Is permadeath on? No

Story Mode

Characters in Party: valeros, Kyra, merisiel, seoni

Location of each character warrens, valeros, meriels, seoni, deeper dungeons seoni

Turn Order, merisiel, Kyra, valeros, seoni.

Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. Normal

What card was encountered when the issue occurred? Nuolia

Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?

What was it's resolution? i was not able to divide combat check among Valeros and (merisiel and seoni)

Did other characters aid the check? What did they use to aid it? Blessing were played. by Kyra, seoni and merisiel.

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A couple things to keep in mind. The character you want to hand a check off to have to be at the same location as the person who encountered the card.

Multiple check cards will display a check value and have the word THEN between the checks. If they display OR, then you only do one check or the other and as such it is not a multiple check card.

We do allow you to hand off a check but it is not well advertised. There is a pink button that appears on the check drop down box. You have to tap that to hand off a check. We don't prompt you or anything (or really call it out for that matter. something that we are working on) so it is very easy to miss.

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They were in the same location, so that has to be the reason. So the right ansver is b) hard to find...


Pink button? Well it definitely is not too easy to see. Have to check it next time I encounter card that have Many checks.

Would the bright Blue Colour be better because you use it with powers, that can be activated.


I did try to click other characters in the same locatin, because that seemed logical way of chosing another character to attemp the check.

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Looks a lot like give a card icon...

I hope that you change this to look like a character and make it bright Blue, like power icons, or at least change the icon.

But Many thanks for picture. I really was not looking for "give card to another character" when looking for pass the check to another character.


Mayby a icon where there is character or multible characters and an arrow, or rexycle arrow. It would be iconographically much easier to recognice.

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