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Broken bounty



I cant get the quest for Laenric bounty in rustwood.


Once i did the gleaming society and Metzla the questgiver says he has two more bounties for me, the true druids and laenrics hunt club. I accepted only the druid bounty for the moment, did it, turned it in. At this point of time i was abled to take the Laenric bounty. However i went on with other quests - did the termal pearl quest (here i refused to sell the little freaky monster) and cleaned all rustwood of quests and mobs. Now i wanted to get on laenrics bounty but ... i cant take the quest anymore. There is no dialog option for that. The quest guy (tealdor) is saying that he is still looking for for somebody to to take care of dangerous guys, but the only dialog option for me is to say good bye.


If you ask me id say that maybe the thermal pearl quest interfered here somehow. But ofc i dont know for sure.


Anyway im gonna try to activate this quest via console now. If somebody has an advice for the right command, feel free to post.

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Ok, problem solved for me.


First i had to enter:


startquest Assets/Data/Quests/PX1_Bounties/px1_03_tsk_boss_odhl.quest


to start the quest and right after that i had to enter


setglobalvalue n_Boss_ODHL_Stage 1


to trigger the initial event of the quest (i think thats the logic)


Laenric has spawned after reloading the map. I killed him and was abled to turn in the quest without any problems. Nice cape!


Still the question is why there was no way to do the quest regularly.

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