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Order Of Operations Advice Request

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(Not sure if this is the right forum for this post, but due to the potential slight spoileryness of it, I thought it safest to put it here.)


Okay, so I'm coming back to Pillars after a many-month break from it, and want to finish my playthrough and also the two expansions.  I'd like some advice on what order I should try to play the remaining content in, based on what I've done so far.


My party is in Act 3, having cleared Elmshore and talked to all the people in Hearthsong and collected the quests there, but not gone further into Twin Elms or beyond.  I was as completionist as possible with Acts 1 and 2, doing everything I could find to do.  I've cleared the first 8 levels of the Endless Paths, and have done one bounty quest so far (the ogres in the cave).


So here's the stuff I have left to do, and I'm not sure what order would be best to do it in:


- Rest of Act 3 stuff

- Act 4

- Lower 7 levels of Endless Paths

- All the rest of the bounties

- New stronghold-related quest stuff

- White March pt 1

- White March pt 2

- Anything else I don't know about


My characters are level 10 right now, and about 3/4ths of the way to level 11.  I'd just like to do the rest of this stuff in the most level-appropriate order that I can.


Any suggestions from the Pillars veterans?

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Did you go to Elmsreach yet?  If not put that off until after you've done WM2.  I would recommend doing both WM1 and WM2 as soon as possible because they have Soulbound weapons(and one piece of armour) that gain powers from defeating enemies, so you want to have plenty of monsters left to slay after you get them.


So, a rough itemised list:


1: Do WM1 and WM2(you can go between the main game and the expansion as you please so continue with Act 3 at your leisure, just don't go to Elmsreach yet(specifically, you can go to Elmsreach if you want but do not go into the interior location called Teir Evron))

2: Do bounties and the Endless Paths.  Also, after you go to Cragholdt and complete the quest there you'll get access to a follow-up quest, just go to Stalwart and explore the west side of the town

3: Go to Elmsreach and the Burial Isle.  Bear in mind that jumping down the hole you find on the Burial Isle will begin the endgame so only do that until after everything else.

Stronghold stuff should just crop up automatically, I'd recommend putting off the "climactic" bit of the stronghold quest for a while because it can be affected by things you do elsewhere in the game and expansions, which is pretty cool.

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