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Kaenras Ring



Its about the Quest "His Old Self". Here at the beginning i get a ring from Kaenra that has +3 might. It gies straight into my quest items section where i cant be moved or equiped. If i choose to let swef dealing husband alive the ring seems to disappear on every dialog option finishing teh quest. If i choose to kill the husband, Kaenra disappears from the tavern, i still have the ring in my quest items section and cant equip it.


Now on the interwebz is written that one somehow one can have an equipable version of that ring (and id litterly would kill for it). Was there a change at some point, or is it a bug, or am i just to stupid to find the right path through the quest?

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I've just checked the quest item and it does not give +3 MIG. The version of the ring that can be kept in your inventory is just an ornamental ring of 200cp of value; it cannot even be equipped.

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