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Spoiler Alert - 2nd DLC boss fight - boss despawns || Feedback - Boss fight is too easy



Hey, I didn't found such topic, so I will write it here.


During the kraken fight it often despawns abruptly and then emerges from under the water again if party is inaccessible for him. It is probably caused by party spawning too far from the boss and allowing it to stand behind the line of crystals.



Also.. IMO that was the easiest boss fight on hard (or even from all combats that meant to be a little bit harder than usually) .. It took me 3 or 4 minutes almost without using some special abilities oO
Fight with a few Eyless is even harder than fight with kraken :< I just set up my party far from it and killed all of the tentacles that spawned by me. The boss alone was killed after few hits..
In comparison to fight with two dragons that took me almost two hours for few tries and changes in party that was a child play :x


Composition of my party,values of attributes from Might to Resolve (without food), and basic dmg from weapon:
Eder -19 18 15 14 10 16 - 19-28/17-25 shield (ACC 83/95)

Mahena - 25 17 11 12 13 16 - 31-44 (76 ACC)

custom Monk - 18 22 20 6 9 12 - 27-34x2 (ACC 82)
custom Cipher (main) - 21 7 18 13 20 6 - 18-27 (ACC 99)
Durance - 16 16 11 12 17 18 - 16-24 (ACC 85)
Hiravias - 16 13 16 13 18 14 - 26-35 (ACC 77)


All defenses - more than 100 after using cipher's Defensive Mindweb near Eder

Position of my party:



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Are you on 3.01?


I definitely did not have this problem when fighting the Kraken—I remained behind the crystals to buff and fight the tentacles that spawn with the Kraken on PotD and the Kraken remained there, congratulating itself on its fat Jabba look.


I do agree that the fight was underwhelmingly easy. A legendary, massive beast like the Kraken should probably be level 15 or 16 and a lot tougher.

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If you ask about build version it was on newest Steam build - 977 (PX1, PX2).


I'm able to reproduce it for a second time using attached save. Just moving around southern part of the cavern or covering behind the most southern rock/crystal.

My god..  tentacles are too weak to hurt most of my party members. Kraken only once used his special ability to teleport the weakest party member oO The rest just killed tentacles and are free to do whatever they want.. Kraken do not spawn additional tentacles to chase my party; do not spit on them in range or whatever it should do. Just remain in place, disappears and reemerges from time to time and rotates towards position of my party. :x

I don't have any software to capture its reappearing :/



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