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[3.02b] Pressing K key kills karacters



...I mean "characters"


Loaded up a reference save that I use for messing around with builds (warning: console codes were used to grant xp). Went to press J to get the journal. Accidentally pressed K. Character died.

Hmm. That's weird. Clicked on another character and did it again. Same thing.


Entered the menu and looked to see what K was mapped to. Nothing so far as I can tell. Reloaded save and tried it again to see if first time was a fluke. More insta-dead party members.


Here's a save.




Side note: Aumaua barbarian hireling named "Maneha" isn't the actual Mahena. Just needed a stand in for builds.

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If it stops working when you disable cheats than its just a cheat hotkey (prolly documented somewhere). Like Ctrl J is in Baldur's Gate when you enable access to the Console.

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Heya Everybody!


Nicholas Steel is correct; this is an official cheat command that kills whoever your mouse is currently over. It works on party members as well as enemies. To my knowledge it has been in the game since the beginning, but only works when you activate cheats =)


Hope that clears things up!

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I try my very best.

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Stupid question: how does one "turn off cheats"?

Open the console with \ or ~ (it depends on your keyb layout, i'm using an IT), type




press enter and you should see "cheat disabled" in the log.

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