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After banging my head on the wall trying to figure out why textures were missing in my game after I updated to 3.01, I finally figured out that Gog released the 3.01 patch... IN THREE PARTS.

yes, that's right, it isn't enough to update White March 2, you have to download the latest patch for:

the base game, and install that

then the WM 1 addon, and install that

THEN install the patch for WM 2

egads gog.

so, to sum up:  you really do have to go and hunt down the latest patch on gog for EACH PART of your game, or it will be broken.

also works:

install base game latest, install patch latest
install wm 1 latest, install wm 1 patch latest
install wm 2 latest, install wm 2 patch latest

I hope this helps a few of the people that have missing textures.

likely this is also an issue for any version not using Steam.


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Yes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like their website is set up to present that information effectively to their users. You would think that GOG Galaxy would make things easier, but it simply downloads the installers for the entire new version of the game, as opposed to just the patches.


I appreciate a lot of things about GOG, but they've got a long ways to go before their client catches up with Steam's.

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