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[3.01.977 BUG] Re-entering Galowain's Maw = endless combat mode at entering



There is a possible game breaking bug that makes it at least impossible to finish the quests in Galawain's Maw. After getting the vision from Galawain (Council of Star) and getting his quests. I went to Galawain's Maw and entered it. At first everything was okay. There I got the key to the section with all the monsters. The problem is: When I leave Galawain's Maw and reenter it, the game will immedietely start combat mode without any enemy around. The people in Galawain's Maw are still friendly but now they are all "busy". I cannot save the game or leave the location (well, it's combat mode after all). So I began to reload the game and then to finish Galawain's quest – maybe some enemys that have to be defeated are the cause of the bug, I thought. I finished the quest with the King and the Queen and killed Einden and the bear. I left Galawain's Maw and re-entered it. But the never-ending combat mode still starts. The game says the following: "Auto-pause: Combat Start (Einden)". The problem is: There is no Einden. Einden is dead.


Link to: save file, screenshot etc.


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