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3.01 bug?: monk changes weapon when charmed



Zahua is my tank. He was fighting with his fists and in his second weapon slot he has hatched and large shield.

He got charmed and switched from his fists to hatched and shield. This reduced his damage and accurancy a lot.


I am not sure if this is a bug or intended.

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Very old bug. Don't think it'll be fixed at this point :(

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The weapon switching on charm is in this game since it was released.

I have a theory:


Charmed characters select the weapon with the highest damage.

This is to prevent that the player simply selects fists as weapon when a char is about to be charmed, and then the charmed char does no damage.

In version 1.06, charmed chars always switched to a ranged weapon, because most ranged weapons have high damage.

They also have a long reload time, but the game does not care about that.

Monks have the talent transcendent suffering. It increases the damage and accurancy of the fist, but it does not replace the "default fist" with a "fist+1".

So the game thinks the char is equiped with the "default fist" and switches to another weapon, because any weapon does more damage than the "default fist".


note: This theory combines effects from 1.06 and 3.01 (I did not play in between). I do not know what was changed in the meantime regarding this issue.


PS: Later Durance was charmed and he kept his weapon. It was a bow that had a higher damage than any other weapon he had equipped.

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