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Recently finished a POTD run with a mostly caster party with a tank, using story npcs. Kinda sad finding a ton of melee weapons and well... not having anyone to use them though, so I'm in the mood for a custom made melee heavy party for my next POTD run.

Could really use some help though as frankly I only uh... managed to succeed last run because I would keep enemies permanently prone and such with my casters. One priest is fine I guess.

How is one to survive the tons of dangerous enemies on POTD with mostly melee? I kinda shiver thinking about the Ogre Druid Insect Plague spam...

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Hmm...I've never gone 100% pure melee, always taking Kana along as a caster. And if a fight's got my knickers in a twist, he's perfectly capable of stun locking the entire thing if I want to cheese.


Generally though, it's really not needed for most fights. A bunch of dorks in plate mail with good weapons and standard melee tactics can just roll over most fights in this game. And everyone can have Lore in this game, so if you really want some oomph for a tough fight, can have all your 'melee' start off a round casting. Two Scrolls of Para on the enemy with a Valor+Moonwell+Defense+Immunity is enough to effectively end any but the toughest of fights.


But yeah, like Druid Plague spell, Moonwell plus shod-in-faith will balance that out while you chew through them, or any mob type that depends mostly on AoE damage. And while they don't have a ton of it, melee do have some CC, so can just spend it on the casters.


For any Charm heavy fight, a single Pld now kills that entire plan for the enemy, leaving the only other 'common' tough enemy strat being stun locks. When fighting that type, I tend to just burn the related immunity scroll, then charge the relative offender before it wears.


On crit CC weapons are also effective pretty much everyone but Kith type enemies from WM2, especially with a Valor scroll. A team of 6 dorks with those and a +30 acc advantage over the enemy can shut down whatever they're attacking, especially combined with standard interrupts from hitting things.

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Find terrain bottlenecks, like doorways or boulders or trees, and keep the enemies contained on one front. Problem is casters in the back, but if you have a lot of melee, some monk/barbarian/rogue can kill those guys pretty fast.


The other method is to just split pull all enemies away until the casters in the back give up and start turning back. Then you just make sure you only have to take on a few enemies at a time. Kana with movement speed and rime traps, can be very useful for that, or a rogue with movement buff and escape.

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