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[WM2] Multiple buttons for the same chant on the action bar





Occurred either upon Kana rejoining the party OR right after leveling him up (to max level 16, if that should be of any relevance). Can't say for sure which one of the two events made that happen.


And yes, I have just one custom chant named "Chant 1" in Kana's chantbook.


Edit: Seems like it's the event of rejoining the party that's causing this. Maybe in combination with Kana being max level 16? I don't remember this happening when he was <16.



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I have encountered this same issue on a regular basis with Kana.


For me, chant slot 'D' gets bugged and it appears as:


A | B | C | D | D | D | D ....


I then go in and delete all of D's chant so that it is completely removed from the UI and appears as:


A | B | C


Then later, after changing out Kana and using another character, if I go back in and try to use Kana again, slot 'D' is corrupted again.

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Hey desel,


I confirmed the bug in your save though it appears to only be affecting your save. I was unable to do so in a different one. But I did notice a lot of Null errors in your output log. Since you are playing on GOG I would suggest uninstalling and redownload a fresh 3.02 installers. Then load up that save you sent me and see if the problem still occurs. I will write up a bug in the mean time.


Thanks a bunch! 

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