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[3.01] Bug or intended change?

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Hello everyone!

So, I recently started my new Pillars playthrough in order to fully appreciate all the new content/mechanics which came along with the new patch (I'm really loving it so far). I just got to the point where, after defeating Maerwald, me and my party are packing up in order to leave for Defiance Bay and investigate on everybody's favorite shady organization: the Leaden Key.

If I remember correctly, the first time you set up camp and rest after leaving Caed Nua, Aloth is supposed to sneak up on you (further proof of the fact that elves are, actually, a bunch of weirdos) and ask if something is currently worrying us. And, with an high enough PER, it is possible to pry quite an interesting reaction out of him.

But this time, it didn't happen. Instead, all I got was the usual "Aloth wants to talk to you!" icon appearing on his portrait, and after agreeing with him that going to Defiance Bay was the "most logical decision" we could take, off we went for new (MIS)adventures!


So, since I read somewhere else on the forum that there had seemed to be issues with "missing companion lines", I was just wondering whether this small interaction was cut on purpose or had just "mysteriously vanished" from my game.

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