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No more enemies



This is my third runthrough but something has totally changed.

I am at this location(see attached file). If i remeber correctly i always had a really hard time to manage this encounter with at least 5 enemies. But now  I can find only one Pwyan. What happend to this game because it has become really too easy on hard. 


Is this normal or is my game somehow broken?




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Yes, having to face the same enemies twice in a row was not only tiring, it was also a stupid time waster imo.


If people feel that some maps feel empty now, I have the following suggestions to Obsidian:


1. Add meaningful fights.

Slight changes to mob rosters are not enough. A mob of [2 stone beatles, 2 wooden beatles] plays more or less the same as a mob of [4 stone beetles, 1 wooden beetle]. This kind of design might work in a turn-based game, but here it won't cut it.

Add fights of distinctly different flavor or don't add fights at all.


2. Instead of fights, you can add other things in empty maps. A notebook with a cool story. Some loot. Friendly animals.


3. Leave it as it is. A few maps are a bit empty as of patch 3, but it sure beats having to play the same fight over and over again. I am much happier now.

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