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[WM2] Silver Flash Blunderbuss Blind Effect



Good evening all,


I have just gotten around to The White March 2 this weekend and found the unique blunderbuss, Silver Flash.  I noticed that the on-hit blind effect seems to inflict blind on characters, friend or foe, adjacent to the target.


The weapon stats do not seem to indicate this as a possibility, "Grants Blind on Hit or Critical Hit," however it does seem to match the weapon's lore description, "...engineered to create a blinding flash when it fires..."


From my limited testing, there does not appear to be any damage to adjacent targets nor does the divine mark effect seem to apply.


Personally, I think that the current function of the weapon fits but the stats section should indicate the nature of the effect as aoe and not to the single target.  Applying area blind on shot seems like a powerful effect that many would not realize as a possibility with the current wording.


And thanks for such a great game!  3.0/WM2 is fantastic, I love it much more than the initial release!

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