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[WM2] Sworn Enemy visual indication on Ice Blights



Isn't displayed right above or on them, like it should, but quite a ways off:




At first I thought this was exclusive to the unique ice blight, "Terror of Whitestone Hollow" but turns out it's also like this on Greater Ice Blights and probably standard Ice Blights too.




Might even occur if Sworn Enemy is cast on other creatures as well, but so far it seems to be ice blights only where the little flame indicator is displayed incorrectly.

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Heya desel!


Thanks for pointing this out. Turns out there was an extra head bone attached to these bad boys, making all visual effects cast on them display in the wrong location. It's been fixed in our internal build, and you should see the change in the upcoming patch. =)


Thanks again!

I try my very best.

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