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Marceno's 3D model does not match his characteristics



Marceno is an quest NPC who can found in Ondra's Gift.

The thing is, his appearance does not match his description and coding:

  • When you first meet him, the in-dialog description calls him "young" and "lanky".
    But his 3D model looks middle-aged and sturdy.
  • When you add him to your party via the "AddToParty NPC_Marceno" cheat, you'll see he's coded as Ocean human.
    But his 3D model looks Meadow human.






"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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Hey Ineth!


Thanks for pointing these issues out. But technically, since you are not suppose to be able to add these NPC into your party (without cheats ;)). People aren't suppose to know what they are coded as. 


I'll write up a report about these issues.


Thank Ineth! Also thanks for helping out around on the forums, I really appreciate it!

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