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[3.01]Stalker's Link- not repair after all?



2.03 patch notes states :

  • Fixed an issue with the Ranger's Stalker's Link ability adding too much accuracy in some situations."

However, I've still  noticed this issue in 3.01:


My character has 104 accuracy+ 5 from marksman+ 10 stalker's link,though hit foe with  130 normal attack, Wounding Shot tooltip says: 106 against deflection- my attack again 130, 104 against fortitude( hobbled effect)- my attack 125. Even with marksman   with Stalker's Link max accuracy output is 119.So values are still to high.


Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Nowy+folder+(2).rar


screen: aaWs6ZQ.jpg

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