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Cyclopedia bug missing details




I ran into this issue back playing the main campaign, wasn't sure it was a bug or not until I stumbled across a screenshot that seemed to confirm it was, got distracted by RL and came back to the game with white march 2, I was hoping the issue would be gone but sadly still there :(

Basically I don't have any details under the abilities section for monsters in the bestiary. I've tried reinstalling and playing on two different computers but the problem remained. I've attached two screenshots below the first is what I see in the bestiary and the second is one I found attached to an old  bug report that I assume is what it's supposed to look like?





(sorry for the weird sized pics the first one uploaded strangely >_<)

Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated

Thanks ^_^

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Thank you!

I must say I do kinda wish they were still in there, think I fall into the 'the more details the better' camp :p

I'd searched for *ages* trying to find something definitive one way or another on it with no luck >_<


So thank you again for the clarification ^_^

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