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Character Record Page (CRP) ?

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Is CRP working correctly? I mean the stats and stuff that it displays.....


Last night I killed Llengrath but it still keeps showing Radiant Spore as the strongest enemy slain by my party, now Radiant Spore wasn't even half as tough as Llengrath, there is no match actually between Radiant Spore and Llengrath in terms of difficulty.....and Durance is the one who scored killing blow on Llengrath but it shows that the strongest enemy Durance has slain is a Dominated Raider, are you kidding me? I don't even remember who that Dominated Raider was, I think he is one of those lame raiders who try to raid your stronghold from time to time ;( and how come he is stronger that Llengrath? Seriously WTF is going on?


Same goes for many other characters in my Party my main character killed Alpine Dragon but it shows Radiant Spore as his strongest kill, but let me tell you Radiant Spore was crap, I have no idea that how come Radiant Spore is the strongest foe I have vanquished and not Adra or Alpine Dragon or Llengrath or Concelhaut etc.....


And this makes me wonder about other stats on CRP....if they are correct.....

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