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Just finished base game, bought both DLC's and can't start them



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Hey ApolloBez,


Then, unfortunately there isn't much you can do without cheating. You can use the console command to teleport out of the dungeon, but you will not have access to your stronghold for the remainder of the game. 


If you want, you can start a new game and play on Story Time Mode to zoom past Act 1. The White March unlocks after you reach the Temple of Woedica in Act 2 and you can change the difficulty to whatever you like and go to The White March. 


Sorry I couldn't be any more of help. Thank you for your support. 

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Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say, since that he is already down in Sun in Shadows, the Stronghold is disable. If he used cheat to get out of the pit, there would be no way to access the Stronghold because the game thinks he is at the end of the game. 


Yes, if ApolloBez purchased from Steam, he can contact them, or from wherever he purchased the game from. You can also contact our publishers, Paradox Interactive. 

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