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3.01 bug: unable to interact with ghost in eothas temple




This is the room south of the room with the closed door and the bells. I have defeated the skudrs.

I was fighting the skuldrs using the door of this room as bottleneck. When the fight was over the world looked normal but the ghost was standing there. I saved the game and entered the room. The look of the world changed to the way you see at the picture, but I was unable to interact with the ghost. The look remained when I was walking around the entire map. Leaving the area removed the effect. When I returned to this room it looked normal, the ghost was still there and I was unable to interact with it.

Reloading the game did not help. Leaving the game and loading it again from the title sceen allowed me to interact with the ghost normally.


I was unable to save the game when this visual effect was there (save button grayed out in the menu).

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I had exactly the same issue with the blacksmith in the first village. I wanted to finish his quest with the crate but he wouldn't talk to me. I couldn't save the game in the smithy. After I left and re-entered the building I could save until I talked to him again... I reloaded and still no use. Didn't try restarting the game though.

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