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Disappearing Equipment and Duplicated Characters



I have repeatedly had an issue where Maneha loses all of her equipment after removing her from the party.


Additionally, the game has spawned a duplicate of both her and Eder - who was sacrificed to the blood pool, but continues to stand around the hanging tree.


In the referenced save, Maneha has just been re-added to the party, is missing her equipment, and is standing next to a duplicate of her herself in the Goose and Fox tavern. She had originally been removed from the party at this location, and the problems persist when she is re-added to the party at other locations.


Additionally, if I kill the Maneha clone with Maneha in my party, she drops her quick slot items as loot and the game notify's me that I have failed her quest.  


I am playing the GOG version, updated to 3.01 after a fresh install of 3.0.  


*I cannot upload a save because your upload limit is 507kb and my save is  7057kb*

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Hello certainkindoffool,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Did this happen after performing a quicksave and then a quickload? I could be related to this bug which was fixed http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83312-solved-issue-missing-items-and-companions/. Can you please upload a save file before this happens (if you have one) a current save and an output log? You can use dropbox to upload the files. 



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I will upload a save when I am next at my computer.


As for the quick save/load issue you referenced, I was unaware of it. However, it is quite possible that could be the issue here as I have quick loaded accidentally several times after getting a new keyboard with inconveniently located macro keys.


Thank you for the prompt reply.

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