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I have a request regarding IDs used in item/spell descriptions from file gui.stringtable






For whatever reason these two lines, despite looking the same in English, have different IDs in the file gui.stringtable. Iconic Projection uses ID 1127 which looks like this:


<DefaultText>{0} {1} Damage</DefaultText>


Where {0} is the amount of damage and {1} is the type of damage.


Divine Mark uses ID 1329:


<DefaultText>{0} Damage</DefaultText>


Where {0} contains both the amount of damage and the type.


The problem is that the first ID allows us to put 'damage' between the number and the type (important for the Spanish translation) but ID 1329 does not. Could it be possible to change all spells/items to use the first ID (1127)?


Edit: Apparently ID 1329 is for damage in a range and the other for a single number. Still, I wish ID 1329 would have the damage and type as separate variables so I could add 'damage' in between for the translation.

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