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It is actually possible to update game version 1.06 to work with DLC's?



Is it?


I have to re-install the game 3 times already due to developer's poor choices and terrible programming. First time my normal saves were supposedly corrupt, even though they weren't, but I got them to work by loading earlier version of the game, re-saving, updating, loading, re-saving, updating, etc.


My original GOG PoE installer version - Game installation was fully updated to 3.01.

My GOG TWM Part 1 DLC installer version - DLC installation was fully updated to 3.01.

My GOG TWM Part 2 DLC installer version - DLC installation was fully updated to 3.01.

My GOG Pre-Order DLC installer version - This was the very latest version of the update.


AND YET, the advice to uninsall this fully and properly updated installation and get NEW installers because of this bug - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83395-zahua-and-devil-of-caroc-bug/  . What exactly did I pay for? Having a super-mess with the game, patches, DLC's, DLC patches, and installers? I kept my cool for so long, but this game caused SOOO many problems, ALL of which dealt with installing and patches. Developers should be paying people money for them to deal with their crap. Not the other way around.

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Hello MonarchX,


I apologize for all the inconveniences you have been experiencing. To be honest, I am not certain if there is a way to update the game from 1.06 to 3.01 and for it to work correctly. Technically if you had all the sequential patches from GOG, it could be possible but I would not recommend it. It would be a lot safer and easier to download the latest installers and when patches come out, to use the patcher.


We have no control over how GOG releases their patches and installers. However, if there are any issues, we do our best to contact them so the issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. You do have the option to use GOG Galaxy Beta, it works in a way that is similar to Steam, but the client itself will just uninstall the game and download and install the latest files anyways. At least you wont have to do it manually and they do have a verify/repair option which is helpful. 


Sorry I couldn't be any more of help. I hope this clears up the issue with patching from GOG.


Thank you for your support. 

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