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In my current playthrough, I am thinking I may want to try and get Kana to be my main tank. I want to drop Eder to make room for pretty much anyone else, and I've always had a soft spot for Kana and chanters in general. So my question is twofold: One, are there any general Chanter tank builds that are effective enough that I won't miss having a fighter in tank? Keeping in mind this is on hard, not POTD, but I find hard to be a good challenge and not the cakewalk that some POTD players face. The second question is, do Kana's stats make him totally unsuited to the tank roll, or would the proper gear/spec make it a non-issue?

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I'm just playing him with that exact build. Together with my MC who uses the same build. Works like a charm. lvl 13 now... The Dragon Thrashed times two is the bestest trashmob cleaner ever. ;)


Although that build is not a 100% tank only build. It's a good tank (not like a pure paladin tank, but good) while dealing lots of damage.


Oh, and since 2.03 Ancient Memory and Beloved Spirits became better. I didn't use them in that build, but now you can! :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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