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Missed Stronghold Turns b/c Order of Quest Turn in



In this save, if I turn in two unrelated quests "supply and demand" and then turn in "Brave Derrin"  I'll only advance one stronghold turn for the first quest.

If I reverse the order, then I am rewarded a stronghold turn for each quest.  


These quests are not related, so I'm not sure the order should matter?


I've noticed other missed turns as well, as I try do all my turn ins for the end of the week so I can hire cheap guards to increase revenue and max chance for positive events, but notice I was miscalculating  the # of turns I would get -- turns out it was just skipping quests sometimes. 

Edit: Not sure you're getting my save, its 2.2mb.  Default uploader won't do it (1 MB max), tried using your basic one, not getting an error message, but don't see an attachment either.
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