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Crystal eater wrong ennemy type?



In the bestiary, crystal eaters are marked as beasts as the other spiders, which seems logical. When encountered in the world, they are marked as wilders, which seems strange. The result is that Hivarias isn't able to charm them, and I suppose heroes get the wrong bonus from specialized weapons and skills.

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I figured only a few of the crystal eaters have this problem, as I just found a "beastly" one. I found them in the level 9 of the endless paths.



Spoiler alert Begin:


One is in the right corner, accompanying three vithracks and the other one is a bit further down, alone in the corridor. The next one I found was a beast again, in the room with a pit. Also, I could target only one of the vithracks in the corner with the charm beast spell, while the three of them were marked as beast. I didn't bother to cast the spell.


Spoiler alert End

Here is the save at the beginning of the level.


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I tried again, and got the same result. Seems so strange that you didn't get the glitch… As one picture is worth a thousand words, I got you two screenshots, so I'm sure to make my meaning clear. And another save, with the baddies on the screen.







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Hey Edrin,


For whatever reason, this is only happening in your save. When I load up any other save or create a new game, they are flagged as Beasts. I have written up a bug report and added it to our database.


Could you please upload an output log so I can add that to the report? 


Thanks a bunch!

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