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[3.0] Devil of Caroc / Rogue Escape does not work.



When using Escape, Devil of Caroc (I have not tried it on any other rogue) stutters forward for a split second, gets stuck, and then teleports to the intended location, provided she did not die in the from the initial stutter. But worse than the stutter/getting stuck, after the teleportation, Engagement is not broken.

Case in point:



The Devil of Caroc is the selected character on the far right. She's teleported from the blue-haze-explosion on the far left, where she was facing the three leftmost drakes at once.


It is not just visual, either; once she moved, all four drakes with which she was engaged insta-gibbed her (nevermind how she got caught in the engagement of the rightmost drake). I've tried this repeatedly, and it consistently does not break Engagement, no matter the distance.

And much like Cato's repetition regarding Carthage, I must remind everyone that Engagement is a fundamentally broken and useless mechanic that only creates stagnant, confusing cluster****s like the one above, even when it works as intended, and when it does not (as is often the case), insane frustration.

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