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The White March part 2 review! (Polish subs also available)

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Hello guys!


I've made a WMp2 review. This is my second review thus far and the first in English.



I would like to hear your thoughts about it and maybe what can I do better in the future. 

Subs are welcome! I will be making EN vids with PL subs and looking for ways to improve myself.



I am aware of my problem with the mic ;)

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I just watched your review. I'm not going to type out a review of the review, but I did want to let you know that I enjoyed watching it. The first two minutes started off a bit slow and I felt that that is where you still had to come into your own, but following time flew past and I had a good time watching it. Both informative as entertaining, and I loved the fact that you both highlighted the 3.0 changes as well as the white March part two content. Good job! :)

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