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Raedric's Hold Interactable Options



On attempting to do the alternative entry options to Raedric's Hold (Sewer and Vines) the game does not open what I assume is the standard interaction dialogue screen but instead pastes a description in the chat log with no option to respond to it. 


Beyond this doing this seems to permanently disable saving until you reload and similarly stops you from interacting with any other dialogue box spawning object. Reloading the save and going back to it, loading a save in the zone and resting all do not fix the issue making them permanently uninteractable in my save. 

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I have the same problem. It also seems to mess up spellcasting or using abilities with multiple uses/encounter as I can only use each ability or spell once and then it permanently says its already active. Also reloading an earlier save in another area and then trying to speak to someone there resulted in me being completely unable to speak to the person

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I was a victim of this bug yesterday. I wrote up a report and sent it to our programming department to work on a fix. Verifying the cache (if you have steam) and relaunching the game seemed to fix it for me.


If that doesn't work, can you please upload your save files and output logs?


Thanks! =)

I try my very best.

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