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Parable of Wael quest still bugged?



So when I finished the main game last year, I could not complete the quest "Parable of Wael" since everyone turned hostile when I returned to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries to speak to Grimda. I had progressed too far in the game at that point to return to an earlier save, and entering the Hall in scout mode (which seems to fix the issue for some people on this forum) did not fix the problem for me. I usually try to complete every single quest that I come across when I play an RPG game, so it bugged (no pun intended) the heck out of me when i had to finish the game without being able to complete this quest. When I searched the web for a solution I've noticed that a large number of people were having the same problem, so I believed that this was just a bug that would be fixed in subsequent patches. I thought that fixing bugged quests would be given high priority since this directly affects the enjoyability of the game.


Fast forward a few months: I've returned to play The White March expansion, and am so far loving it. From reading the quest journal I remembered that I wasn't able to complete Parable of Wael, so I checked to see if the problem was fixed since then. Nope. Still can't complete the quest due to everyone turning hostile. 


Now, I did steal the book from the Hall before doing the Parable of Wael quest, but I made sure that I was undetected when doing so. I also have a "somewhat good" reputation with Defiance Bay. There was no indication that stealing the book would affect the outcome of Parable of Wael quest in any way. This to me seems like a clear, quest-breaking bug that has been reported numerous times that has somehow been overlooked constantly. 


Will there be a fix for this quest in a future patch? If not, is there a workaround that does not involve entering the Hall stealthed? 

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Hello ylee7n,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Did you recall how the npcs became hostile to you? Did you mistakenly leave the room after stealing the book unstealthed? You always have the option to kill everyone and that will end the quest in failure, which is still technically completing the quest via slaughter. You also have the option to bury the scroll as Wael has asked for you to do. 


I was able to steal the book and unlock the door undetected with no problems. 

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I was undetected when I stole the book. I also did bury the scroll just as Wael asked, but the quest would not complete until I speak to Grimda. 


I'd rather not kill everyone in the Hall since that would destroy my reputation with Defiance Bay.

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