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St. Ydwen's Redeemer's Divine Mark hitting self



Description: At first I thought this might be a spell reflect of some kind, but I'm hitting myself with Divine Mark against a variety of different enemies.


I'm not sure if it's happening every time the spell triggers, as I haven't had the weapon fully upgraded for long enough to have tested extensively.  In both of the screenshots below, my paladin wielding the sword it hitting herself with the Divine Mark trigger. I know Ydwen's died heroically defending commonfolk, but I don't think this was how it happened. :p


Steps to reproduce: Just attack anything with St. Ywden's Redeemer equipped. After actively watching for the problem, it seems to me that it's happening every single time Divine Mark triggers.




I couldn't get my save file or output log small enough to upload either. Even as a zip file, each is something like 4MB.


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