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[3.0/WM2] Provide UI feedback of when setting a trap will disarm a trap



On a personal note: this is one of the most perplexing nerfs IMO in pillars of eternity. It's not like traps were anything remotely approaching how severely powerful traps could be in Baldur's Gate, but the change (since late WM1) to not allow traps being set close to each other further limits their usefulness.


Anyway, first, I'm *glad* that setting a trap too close to another trap no longer causes the first trap to immediately disappear; instead it merely disarms.


However, it is still incredibly hard to tell when a trap will disarm another trap. Especially when I have characters with varying mechanics skills, it can be very annoying when a trap is set ever-too-close to a couple other traps and now i have to move those traps back onto the right characters to re-set them.


Desired, one of:

1. when a trap is set, provide some UI element on the ground to indicate its "zone" where other traps cannot be set.

2. when I'm trying to set a trap, provide an area of effect indicator to show the "zone" where setting that trap will disarm any other traps.

3. don't let me set a trap if it would disarm another trap.


Ideally, I'd like:

1. remove the proximity restriction on traps.

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Another reason to just remove the proximity restriction:


I have one of my party members equipped with the item that casts Warding Seal when critically hit (Black Sanctuary), and it just now went off in combat and proceeded to disarm two of my traps (which I had placed in front of my squishier party members as a defense).

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An additional suggestion to be included in any of the suggested implementations would be to have affected trap models themselves become highlighted in addition to the proposed AoE effects.

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