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Weekend Programmer #3

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How's the PC interface coming along?  Does it actually feel like a PC game now?


I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but do you know how many lines of dialog there are in K2?  I know it will probably change from now and when the game comes out, but I was wondering if it's more than the 12,000 lines BioWare boasted about before K1 came out.

Hm... The PC interface has had some work, but I'll admit that it doesn't have all of the PC features that I'd like a PC game to have. Having the interface scale to your resolution is at least a welcome change for me.


1.I noticed that there was concept art for the Citadel Cell Block with lasers in the entryway. Is there a good chance those lasers will make it into the game?


2.Can you listen to the music played by the Bith in cantinas?


3.Can you wear a Sith uniform?

I really have no idea on any of those, sorry.


Will there be different styles for different types of sabers. Like only being able to get a certain style while using a single saber?

No idea on those either. Just from the names I've seen for them, I get the feeling that some of the forms have more to do with your force powers than your saber abilities, while others are saber-centric. But I'm just guessing here.



what about apprentices? r they in? do we choose??

I don't know what you're talking about. B)


I've seen in the walkthought video that the menu has changed from blue to green. Will the ingame interface be green too this time?

Yeah. Most of the in-game interface is green and tan. Stores are gold and light gold, and the upgrade panels are blue'ish, similiar to KotOR2.


Will Citadel Station have crazy AIs going berzerk and flipping out and killing people?

Yeah, and they won't even care.


Yes, I mean fps-style mouse look. When I reviewed KotOR, I "took away" points because of the controls. It felt too much like a hasty console port because of the horizontal mouse look. I would love if you at least made it a choice. Perhaps put the feature of full mouse look in, but put the default to the old KotOR style?

Yeah, I'll see what I can do. It's not technically on my schedule, which means it'd have to be something I fit in fairly late if at all. But I think it's doable. If you use the 'Mouse Look Off' mode that was in KotOR1, you can look up and down a little. I don't see why that couldn't be enabled in the 'Mouse Look On' mode, but no guarentees.


Anyway, that's it for today for me. Was nice talking with you all for a bit. :)



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